Destination San Antonio: #Foodtripping returns this February

This February, our #Foodtripping travels take us to San Antonio, Texas, a colonial town rich with history, culture and incredible cuisine. This burgeoning foodie destination brings a unique combination of Latin food infused with American staples and inspires our next stop on Roost’s travel-themed dining series.

Executive Chef Mike Zawojski created this menu for Roost after spending this past summer while training at the Culinary Institute of America San Antonio campus. Here, he honed in his skills with various outdoor cooking techniques and experimented with seasoned smoke flavors. He was inspired by the energy of this up-and-coming city, drawing on the culinary concepts he saw there for this menu that will be available weekends during the month of February.

“The vibe of the city is really trendy, it has a great synergy of Southern comfort foods and Tex-Mex,” said Chef Zawojski. “You’ll experience a lot of dishes balancing bold flavors and dry rubs with brighter fresh ingredients like avocados and cilantro. These are the experiences I’ve tried to incorporate in this menu.”

This three-course menu offers diners a culinary tour down the Riverwalk, with each course highlighting a different element of the local cuisine.

The first course starts off with a Smoked Chicken Croquetta. The dish features a Southern style corn bread filling and combines it with a delicious cherrywood smoked chicken. Chicharrones (or, Mexican style pork rinds) are crushed up and used in place of breadcrumbs, offering a delightful salty crunch to the dish.

“Upon first bite, you’ll notice the saltiness of the Chicharrones, sweetness from the cornbread filling, and the smokiness of the chicken, all complimented by the torched Shishito peppers,” said Chef Zawojski.

The next course is a Shrimp Tostado, a lighter dish that will cleanse and stimulate the palate. The dish draws inspiration from an egg pancake, starting with a corn tortilla and egg whites accompanied by a traditional style Carribbean ceviche, fresh avocado, pico de gallo and cilantro.

“It’s a lighter dish for the season we’re in, with citrus notes and herbal notes from the cilantro and coriander.”

The experience concludes with a delicious Brisket con Mole. This course features a rich traditional Mexican-style mole finished with demi glaze, creating the perfect ending to the sampling.

Join us each weekend in February to try this exclusive menu, enjoyed as a 3-course meal or separately as individual entrees. For the full experience, pair your meal with a 3-pour wine flight hand-selected to compliment the menu items.

#FOODTRIPPING Destination: San Antonio
Available Fridays & Saturdays in February

Smoked Chicken Croquetta
Charred Scallion | Shishito Peppers | Chicharrones | Cornmeal

Shrimp Tostado
Corn Tortilla | Egg White | Cilantro | Pico de Gallo | Avocado

Brisket con Mole
Beemster Grits | Braised Greens | Onion Jam | Smoked Peppers | Mole Demi

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